Commercial Installations

There are many construction code regulations to comply with for a commercial installation. We ask that you have your contractor, engineer, or architect contact us as soon as you consider hiring them for your project. This will likely be their first project that involves the installation of an Ocean Float Room and will have questions when they are asked to write a bid for you. We require a copy of architectural drawings, mechanical drawings, blue prints and floor plans.

Additionally we require a site preparation checklist to be completed prior to shipping.

Ocean Float Rooms are installed by an installation technician from our company.

Residential Installations

Do not require the same code regulations as commercial installations. Residential Installations are considered on a case by case basis and will require review of the residence or property site location where you would like the float room to be installed. Our installation team with need to review the structure and space prior to installation. We can work with homeowners and guide them through what work would need to be done prior to installation and work step by step with the construction team or contractor.

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Float Room Sizes and Dimensions

The external dimensions of the erected Ocean Float Rooms

The King Size float room are approximately: 

Length –95.5”; Width – 80.7”; Minimum height – 84”: 

finish height usually built to 94.5”.

The Standard Float Room  

7.87 Feet Long, 4.75 Feet Wide, and 7 Feet Tall

finish height usually built to 94.5”

The placement and positioning of the filtration and sanitation system is flexible, and  measures 27.5” across, 10” deep and 31.5” height.

Installation Site Measurements and Dimensions

Ideal space for installation is a 10×10 Room with an 8 foot ceiling.
Sanitation and Disinfection Systems can be located in the same suite where the Ocean Float Room is installed or in an separate adjacent area.

The configuration a rectangular site room of  (14.8ft x 6.5ft) will easily house the Front Entry Float Room, shower and changing area.

The site room environment is similar to a normal bathroom. Porcelain tile is the recommended flooring for commercial installations.


The Ocean Float Room does not need to be plumbed in.

Shower Installation is Mandatory  

Float Rooms USA does not install the shower or the floor drain this is the responsibility of your contractor.


A single un-switched fused spur, rated at 13AMP’s or higher, is required to connect the power.

NSF 50 Regulation UV Sanitation/Disinfection System

The water in the float room must be entirely filtered and disinfected between clients. The UV Filter MUST penetrate the water at no less than 240 nanometres per centimeter in order to retard or kill any pathogens, protozoa, virus, or bacteria. The water must be pumped out at a head flow rate of no less than 50 psi, past a flow meter that counts the gallons per minute, all while being penetrated by UV, and backed up by bromine or pharmaceutical grade peroxide. Most state health departments prefer bromine due to the fact that it is in the halogen section of the periodical elements chart, and can be measured more effectively.  Once our company installs the float room we set the sanitation and turnover rates according to the regulations of your state.

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USP Grade Epsom Salt 

You will need to order United States Pharmaceutical Grade Epsom Salt. USP Grade Epsom Salt is required at the time of installation. You will want to call the San Francisco Salt Company and order your salt at least 3 weeks before the installation of your rooms. 1000 pounds is required for the single standard float room. 1500 pounds is required for the king size double float room.

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