Float Rooms Finishes

Our latest model Ocean Float Room is available in a wide range of external finishes & interior colors, as well as numerous design features options. You can own a beautifully appointed Ocean Float Room as individual as your practice.

Finishes include high quality laminated wood veneers, vibrant laminate panels, ceramic and stone tiles, and fiberglass. We also build and supply custom Float Room finishes suiting any décor, as well as, custom open bath Float Rooms.

Wood Veneer & Laminates

All colorful laminates have a 10 year guarantee. Many customers love our colorful laminates; however, our most popular finishes are the beautiful, high quality, wood veneers which include: Bamboo, Beech, Chestnut, Cherry, Birch, Walnut and Oak.

Pass Wood Picture Wood Picture A Bamboo Finish

Float North County 2 Float On Portland

Front Entrance with Acrylic Finish Matching Finish

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